One-on-one work with a certified personal trainer can help you work towards your individual best and achieve your fitness goals.


Group training, conducted in groups of 2 or more, involves the support of not only a certified personal trainer, but also others with similar fitness goals.   

Single Session & Package Pricing

Private Training

Group Training

             1 - 30 minute session


 $25 (per person)

           14 - 30 minute sessions

       *Buy 12 sessions, get 2 FREE!

                    ($70 savings!)


$300 (per person)


To schedule your personal training session today, or to learn more information about our program and its options, please contact Jason Clevelle, FitNation Operations Supervisor, at 847-623-4514. You may also leave a message or inquiry for any member of our personal training team members at 847-623-4523.

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Our Teen Fitness Membership is available for all FitNation members aged 14 and 15. 

To be eligible, members must participate in a 30-minute Youth Fitness Orientation with one of our Personal Trainers. This orientation will cover gym etiquette, strength evaluation, cardio and equipment operation basics, and FitNation Rules and Regulations.

The fee for the Youth Orientation session is $25. 

To learn more, please complete our Youth Fitness Orientation form.

Youth Fitness Orientation Form


Read about our certified personal trainers below and how their skills and qualifications can best suit your indivdual needs!  

Alex Santiago

FN2022 AlexZ bio pic

Certifications: Certified Personal Trainer, AFSA

Training Specialties: Weight loss, strength and conditioning, large group training, muscle development, kettlebells, small group training, and assistance with physical therapy or recovering from injury. 

About Alex: Alex takes his personal workout routine very seriously. When not working out, Alex loves checking out new restaurants with his family.

Chris Dagley

Chris Dagley PT

Certifications: Certified Personal Trainer, NASM

Training Specialties: Strength Training, Weight Loss, Small Group Coaching

About Chris: Chris brings more than a decade of training experience to FitNation, helping clients build lean muscle, burn stubborn body fat, and improve their mental and physical health. He is passionate about not only training clients but educating them to become self-sufficient in their pursuit of fitness and wellness. His personal interests include volleyball, basketball and pickleball and spending time in nature hiking, biking, and kayaking. He’s also an avid fan who follows the Bears, Bulls and Cubs all year long!

David Cordova

David Cordova PT

Certifications: Certified Personal Trainer, NCEP

Training Specialties: Strength Training, Functional Training, Weight Loss

About David: David was motivated to become a Certified Personal Trainer after his football days ended, and without daily motivation he gained a considerable amount of weight. He eventually dedicated himself to losing that weight and returning to a routine of physical conditioning. After dropping more than 60 lbs, David discovered a passion and motivation to help others follow the same path. David’s personal interests include spending time in the great outdoors and hiking the numerous trails of Lake County for hours on end!

Terrence Bates

FN2022 Personal Trainer Terrence Bates 2

Certifications: USA Weightlifting - Level 1 Certified Coach

Training Specialties: Russian Method Olympic Lifting, Functional Exercise, Sport Performance, Corrective Exercise, Ground-Based Movement, Vermeil Principles

Wendy Spalding

Wendy Spalding PT

Certifications: Certified Personal Trainer, NASM; Instructor for Exercise for Seniors, CIMSPA

Training Specialties: Strength Training, Stability and Flexibility, Kettlebells, Small Group Training, Boxing Exercise, 50-and-Over Resistance Training, Injury Recovery, Perimenopausal and Postmenopausal Women

About Wendy: Wendy was a commercial lawyer for many years in the United Kingdom until devoting her professional life to fitness and wellness. As a result, she appreciates the benefits and challenges of incorporating regular exercise and a responsible diet into a busy lifestyle. She has run 7 international marathons for charity. She is a dedicated member of the Chapel in Libertyville, and supports Little Flower Mercy Home in S.Kerala, India.

Zach Kowalczyk

Zach Kowalczyk Web

Certifications: Certified Personal Trainer, NPTI

Training Specialties: weight loss, strength training, all-ages training, and physique.

About Zach: Zach is an entrepreneur at heart, viewing his mission as a Personal Trainer as both a professional and personal pursuit. When not at FitNation, Zach also works as a working model for several well-know athletic and sporting goods brands in Chicago and throughout the country. 

  • FitNation is the best gym in the area. I have tried several in my 7 years of working out. The cleanliness, organization, friendliness and efficiency is un beatable. Shoutout to Alex and Cary who are selflessly willing to help in any question or issue that arises. Alex has helped up several times and