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Volunteer Information

Gurnee Days is a great opportunity to have fun while helping your community! Gurnee Days 2018 will be held Thursday, August 9th to Sunday, August 12th. Read below for information on volunteering opportunities. Once you find an opportunity you like, make sure to submit your volunteer application.

Don't see something that fits? Have other ways you'd like to contribute?  Please review our needs below and fill out the Volunteer Application at the bottom of the page.

Volunteer Needs

Publicity Committee

Positions available for the Publicity committee require help on an ongoing basis.  Some of the duties we are seeking assistance for include the following:

     1.  Create brochure working with printer vendor
     2.  Create event calendar for the website
     3.  Maintain Gurnee Days website content
     4.  Manage website photo gallery
     5.  Publish press releases
     6.  Develop media ads
     7.  Post to Facebook and other social media sites.

Business Community (Sponsorship) Committee

Positions available for the Business Community committee require help primarily from April through September.  Some of the duties we are seeking assistance for include the following:

     1.  Obtain sponsor cash donations and in-kind donations of prizes
     2.  Work with printers to develop sponsor signage, flags, and other promotional materials
     3.  Coordinate posting of sponsor signs prior to and during the event
     4.  Manage sponsor cash donations, invoicing, and payments

Information Booth

Volunteers are needed each year during the Gurnee Days event to help answer general questions and give directions to the many events that are occurring around Viking Park (and offsite locations).  We pair up an active Gurnee Days Committee Member with general volunteers to ensure that a knowledgeable person is there to teach you and advise you on all the details.  Information sheets are also available as a guide to the entire event.  These are easy to grasp and can be quickly learned by anyone that has a passion to help, work with people, and can be attentive to many requests that come during each shift.  If you are interested our Volunteer Coordinator will reach out to you to confirm your availability and our needs.  Shifts will be broken into 1-2 hour shifts based on the following times. 

     1. Friday, August 10, variable time slots between 5:00p to 10:30p
     2. Saturday, August 11, variable time slots between 10:30a to 10:30p
     3. Sunday, August 12, variable time slots between 11:00a to 5:00p

Exhibits and Vendors Committee

The Exhibits and Booths Committee is seeking volunteers to assist Exhibitors on Saturday morning, August 11 from 7:30 to 10:30a to help unload and bring items associated with their Exhibits to their designated booth.  Responsibilities may also include giving directions to exhibitors.  This position will require lifting from the ground and waist level.  This position may also require walking with objects that have some level of weight to them.

Great Gurnee Adventure

The Great Gurnee Days Committee is seeking volunteers at various locations around Gurnee to help facilitate the challenge at each location by setting up the challenge for each new team, providing rules/instructions, timing and recording results.  The Great Gurnee Adventure (GGA) is an 'Amazing Race' style event where teams compete in challenges at various businesses and locations and Gurnee.  Volunteers are needed on Saturday, August 11 from 9:00a to 2:30p.

Youth Committee

The Youth Committee is seeking volunteers for various times and events to support the youth events and activities offered at Gurnee Days.  Times and event needs are listed below.

     1.  Bubble Soccer - Friday, August 10 from 5:30-8:15p (Organize participants and take admissions/tickets)
     2.  Ice Cream Eating Contest - Saturday, August 11 from 1:30-2:30p  (Assist with filling of ice cream bowls and table cleanup)
     3.  Petting Zoo and Pony Rides - Sunday, August 12 from 12:45-4:15p  (Take admissions/tickets)

Parade Committee

The Parade Committee is seeking assistance for help the day before and the day after the Gurnee Days Parade which is held Sunday, August 12 beginning at Noon.  Multiple volunteers are needed for all of the spots listed below:

     1.  Saturday, August 11 time to be determined.  (setting up parade route numbers/sings)
     2.  Sunday, August 12 from 9:00a-1:30p (Setup parade route and numbers/sing, assist with directions, enforcement of parade rules, providing                        direction for participants

Volunteer Application

First Name
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If you selected other above, please describe what you'd like to help with.

Waiver and Release of Claims

Please read this form carefully and be aware that, in volunteering or participating in Gurnee Days Corporation and/or Gurnee Park District events, you will be waiving and releasing all claims for injuries, arising out of these programs that you or the other named participants might sustain. The terms “I,” ”me,” and “my” also refer to parents or guardians as well as participants in the programs. In registering for these programs you are agreeing as follows:

As a participant in these programs, I recognize and acknowledge that there are certain risks of physical injury and I agree to assume the full risk of any injuries, damages or loss which I may sustain as a result of participating in any manner, in any and all activities connected with or associated with such programs.

I agree to waive and relinquish any and all claims I may have as a result of participating in these programs against the Gurnee Days Corporation and Gurnee Park District, any and all other participating or cooperating governmental units, any and all independent contractors, officers, agents, servants and employees of the governmental bodies and independent contractors, and any and all other persons and entities, of whatever nature, that might be directly or indirectly liable for any injuries that I might sustain while participating in these programs. (The parties described in the preceding sentence are referred to as “Released Parties” in the remainder of this Agreement).

I do hereby fully release and discharge the Gurnee Days Corporation and Gurnee Park District and the other Released Parties from any and all claims for injuries, damage or loss which I may have or which may accrue to me on account of my participation in these programs.

I further agree to indemnify, hold harmless and defend the Gurnee Days Corporation and Gurnee Park District and any and all other Released Parties, from any and all claims resulting from injuries, damages and losses sustained by anyone, and arising out of, connected with, or in any way associated with my conduct and the activities of these programs.

I further understand and agree that the terms such as “participation,” “programs,” and “activities,” referred to in this Agreement, include all exercises and physical movement of any nature while I am participating in these programs and further include the provision of or failure to provide proper instructions or supervision, the use and adjustment of any and all machinery, equipment, and apparatus, and anything related to my use of the services, facilities, or premises involved in these programs, and transportation to and from any events.

I understand the nature of these programs for which I am registering and have read and fully understand this Waiver, Release and Hold Harmless Agreement. I further understand that any advisements or warnings of the particular risks of these programs that I subsequently receive will be incorporated by reference into and become a part of this agreement.

Acknowledgement of Waiver
I certify that I am at least 18 years of age and agree to the terms of the agreement (If under 18 a parent or guardian must submit on your behalf)
Type the name of the Volunteer Applicant
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